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California State Government June 6, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Frank A. Macaluso, Jr.

Candidate for
Governor; Democratic Party

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"California needs a financially responsible Governor who will stop deficit spending and not bow down to any special interest groups. As a small business owner, I know the importance of creating a business friendly environment in our state and will work hard toward this goal. Creating jobs is the surest way to improve our state's economy by increasing overall commerce and expanding the tax base. However, we don't need to lure corporations that pay low wages and few benefits with tax incentives and other handouts. Instead, we should demand companies in this great state to provide health insurance benefits as well as full-time jobs and adequate wages. In return, businesses should expect to find a well trained and educated work force and also to have regulatory burdens reduced and corporate tax rates kept low. As a Democrat, I am proud to support the socially progressive and responsible platform of our party and that includes a strong belief in environmental protection and a commitment to the development of "clean" cars and renewable energy sources.

It seems that when most politicians get elected they immediately begin running for re-election, doing photo-ops and interviews instead of actually working for the taxpayers. I am strongly in favor of term limits and against career politicians. If elected I promise to serve only one term and not campaign for any other office so that I can devote my full attention to the duties of Governor without possible distractions or conflicts of interest.

This year, it has been proposed that the citizens of California commit to over $220 billion in new spending for "infrastructure" projects. Taking on this large amount of debt is not a good idea at the current time for several reasons. First, there would be only a short-term boost to the economy as lucrative state contracts are doled out to the construction industry. Next, even though our "taxes" are not increased by the measure, Californians will still pay the bill for this multibillion dollar project as the state issues debt obligation bonds. Also, the state's bond ratings will likely plummet if we take on this large additional debt given our current economic status. Although these projects are important, I feel that Californians should not mortgage their childrens future by funding this massive bill.

As Governor, I will demand fiscal responsibility and put an end to deficit spending. I want to see a change in the way state government is run by eliminating the influence of special interest groups. We can cure the state's current economic woes without losing vision of our social responsibility and environmental platforms and without sacrificing education and vital medical, law enforcement and transportation services."

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