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California State Government June 6, 2006 Election
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Safe Schools provide climate for Academic Success, provide Tutuoring, Reduce drop-out rate, guarantee Graduation, job-entry skills

By Diane A. Lenning, Ed.M.

Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

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Lenning provides a plan for safe schools that will bring increased academic success, reduce drop-out rates, and assure better job-entry level skills for a vibrant economy that will overall provide greater funds needed for schools.
SAFE Schools

SAFE Schools are the foundation for the positive school-wide learning environment and classroom climate that is essential for our students to achieve success. Many schools in California today are faced with inherent problems arising from societal stresses including family dynamics, socioeconomic status, increased incidence of learning deficits, growing cultural strains, gang activity, campus crime, budget-deficits, multi-media influences, political forces, parent-community-business collaboration, and many more.

If Californians are going to be successful in diminishing these difficulties and raising the levels of learning and achievement among our students, we will need cooperation from all segments of society. This is a difficult task, but it is of utmost importance that we make every effort to address these issues with reasoned thinking, arriving at conclusions based upon scientific studies and methodologies. It is important first to identify the most important priorities to address and remedy. I believe the following to be some of the priorities to address for improved schools in California.

Over-riding theme is one of RAISING EXPECTATIONS

1. Improve Student Attendance by guaranteeing safe & relevant schools.
2. Improve Academic achievement level of students at all grade levels.
3. Improve Focus on reading, writing, and math skills of all students.
4. Improve Empowerment of students by educational skills development.

5. Improve School and community collaboration.
6. Improve Curriculum Alignment/Standards with No Child Left Behind.
7. Improve Home to school collaboration of goals and expectations.
8. Improve Official collaboration with community through school boards.
9. Improve Office staff training for school sites.
10.Improve Language and academic acquisition through English Immersion.
11.Improve Status of teacher profession and professional climate.

12. Improve Graduation and school drop-out rate.
13. Improve Overall academic achievement level of all students.
14. Improve Accountability of education.
15. Improve Leadership skills of students and staff.
16. Improve Salary and benefits by performance based pay.

Solving the many issues in education today will necessitate a strong commitment from all Californians. The years of difficulties in education must be solved and restructured for the future of our children and grandchildren. It is important to commit to the common goal of what is best for our "kids" and what is best for society.

When students participate in the path to achieve success, they do not need to participate in activities that detract from the overall positive educational climate and academic achievement expected for each one to reach success of the American Dream.

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Diane Lenning, Ed.M. For CA Superintendent of Public Instruction Id# 1284627 Po Box 4306 Huntington Beach, CA 92605-4306

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