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Marin, Sonoma County, CA June 6, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for John Alden

Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 6; Democratic Party

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For me, a government that can make a difference isn't just a theory, it's family history. When I was very young, my parents used food stamps to make ends meet. They fought their way into the middle class with smart government programs like the GI Bill. In return, we have been able to give far more back to this country than we ever received from those programs.

My belief in government and democratic values was formed from these experiences. I believe that:

1) We all have a duty and responsibility to invest in every person in our society,

2) All people must be treated equally, and

3) When we honor these two values, we all profoundly benefit because we improve the world in which we live.

In order for Democrats to be truly successful at the state and national level and stop losing elections to the likes of Bush and Schwarzenegger, we must clearly articulate these Democratic values. Too many democrats have failed to do so, and failed to stand up to Republicans attacks on increasing education funding, tax fairness, providing health care for everyone and protecting our environment. Our state and our nation have suffered as a result.

I also believe that as a candidate and an elected official, I have a duty and responsibility to take action on the reforms that are necessary to improve California. It's just not credible to talk about reforms if you are unwilling to abide by them in your own campaign and your own life.

That's why I am committing myself today to the election and campaign finance reforms required to remove the corporate and big money influences that have corrupted our political process. I am the only candidate not accepting corporate contributions. And I am the only candidate who has told the Sacramento special interests' independent expenditure campaigns to stay out of this race. Using these independent expenditure campaigns, corporations and the super-wealthy can evade the campaign finance laws and pour unlimited sums of money into supporting one candidate, making it harder for candidates to speak for themselves and harder for voters to make their own decisions.

I for one have had enough of meaningless promises from professional fundraisers. We need leaders willing to lead, not just talk about leading. That is the foundation of my campaign, and core of how I will represent you in the State Assembly.

Thank you for your support.

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