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Marin County, CA June 6, 2006 Election
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My Goals and How to Achieve Them

By William "Bill" Rothman, M.D.

Candidate for Member, City Council; City of Belvedere

This information is provided by the candidate
William Rothman for Belvedere City Council.

Elections are the opportunity to choose among candidates' and the goals that their candidacies represent. (Please see explanation about Targeted Voting at the end of this position paper Here are some of my goals:

1) Construction time limits and the Planning Process
Overly long construction projects have made several areas of Belvedere, zones of all construction, all the time, and forever!!! For too long the City Council failed to increase time-limit-violation fines. Now, finally, maximum fines have been increased to $200,000. With projects costing several million dollars violators may still see that as just a cost of doing business. If so, larger fines must be set. I will work to assure that whatever needs to be done to end "neighbor-abusing" too-long construction will be done. Another proposal that I have made, but which has been ignored, would require that, for planning approval of large projects, a City engineering consultant must evaluate whether they are finishable within time limits. Only projects meeting that requirement could be approved. If elected, I will work to implement that needed requirement.

2) Equal City respect for all residents. No more favoritism! At City Council meetings, I have observed, and have strongly objected to some disturbing examples of favoritism.
At the March 3, City Council meeting I was successful in convincing the Council to change its policy, by which Building Department Officials had been allowed discretion to give an extra full month, without any fines, to over-time construction projects. That was a gross opportunity for favoritism, and I am glad to have played the role that I did in its elimination. In one of the worst cases of favoritism that I have seen, the City Council, over unanimous neighbor objections, as well as my own protests, allowed the Planning Commission's Vice-Chair to build his two car garage, 90% on City property. That city land, provided to him free of charge was, in fact, more than 20% of the size of his lot. I have also observed several instances where Council members seemed negatively biased towards projects proposed by the less influential. If elected, I will work to assure that "who is a friend of who" will have no role in decision making.

3) End walker-endangering encroachments into publicly-owned street rights-of-way
Private encroachments have taken many areas of publicly-owned land adjoining streets. Walkers, children on bicycles, parents with carriages, and the elderly, are often forced to cower at pavement edges to avoid being run over. All such transfers of public property must end.

4) Maintain Belvedere's policy of not using toxic pesticides
Four years ago, as was thoroughly reported in the Ark, the Marin Independent Journal, and the Scope Newspapers, I headed the ballot initiative process that led the City Council to end the use of toxic pesticides in Belvedere's parks and recreation areas. Since then, adults, children and pets can use those areas without the danger of exposure to toxic chemicals.

5)Work with other County and Federal agencies to end the problem of boats washing up agains homes on West Shore Road.
Due to the multiple agencies involved, this is nota problem that will be easily solved, but determination, and a willing to stick with the effort will hopefully result in success.

Brief Resumé

  • Age 68. Belvedere resident for 34 years. Practiced Internal Medicine in southern Marin for 20 years. Served on Marin Hospital Board.
  • Have worked to end overly long construction, and to end private encroachments into Belvedere's publicly owned street rights-of-way.
  • Led the successful effort to end Pesticide use in Belvedere Playground and recreation areas, Reed School District playing fields, and on the source of our water, the watershed lands of the Marin Municipal Water District.
  • Led the successful effort, thoroughly reported in the Ark and The Marin Independent Journal, to use natural grass, instead of artificial turf, at Reed School District Fields. This protected children from exposure to the cancer-causing chemical, benzene, which is present in the masses of tiny cushioning particles that lie free on the surface of artificial turf. Due to their tiny size, down to the size of dust, those benzene-containing particles, would have inevitably been transferred from children's hands to their snacks, and would then have been swallowed by children. ˇ Named by the Marin Independent Journal. as "Someone who gets things done", for community activities. ˇ Described in 2005, in the Ark, as being "Belvedere's watch dog", for insisting on proper, fair and legally required City Government procedures.

A suggestion about targeted voting: When you read the voter-handbook statements of the other candidates, I think you will agree that they do not advocate any modification of City policies. In view of that fact, and I hope you will not consider this presumptuous, I would urge, if you see my candidacy as the only one representing some needed changes, that you vote only for me, and not use your second vote. Here is the basis for that suggestion: Voters who want no change, will, automatically, vote for the two no- change candidates. Those who want the changes that I advocate, will use their first vote for me. However, if after doing so, they use their second vote, it will, of course go, to a no-change candidate, and cancel the effect of their first vote, which was for the changes that my candidacy represents. Please telephone me, if you feel there are other City issues that deserve attention, or if you have any questions about my positions, or about Targeted Voting: 435-1096

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