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Riverside County, CA November 8, 2005 Election
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School Board Campaign Statement

By John W. Wells, Jr.

Candidate for Board Member; Murrieta Valley Unified School District

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Over all, this is a great city. And this great city has a fine School District. The Murrieta School District, it's teachers, administration, students and yes even the current school board trustee's have done an outstanding job.
School Board Campaign Statement

First of all let me say I am proud to have been a resident of Murrieta for some 10 years. Murrieta has been a great place to Live, work, worship & educate our children. Do we have some problems? Sure. Might we have more if we are not alert, proactive and prepared? Of course we will. But over all, this is a great city. And this great city has a fine School District. The Murrieta School District, it's teachers, administration, students and yes even the current school board trustee's have done an outstanding job. Are things perfect, of course not, nothing is. But I believe we have people who genuinely care about our children, our families and education and that should make us proud. What I believe I bring to the School Board first of all is a genuine love for all children. Throughout my life I have been involved in the lives if children in one way or another. I have served as a leader of Camp Fire Boys and Girls. I have organized programs with the neighborhood Boys & Girls clubs, YMCA's and local schools. I bring a genuine love for young people. What I believe I bring to the School Board is a different voice, maybe, a voice that has not been heard before. Maybe, an under represented voice.But nonetheless a different voice. Not a voice of judgment, ridicule and self-righteousness, but a voice of collaboration. There is no way we can accomplish anything of any real value by creating conflict.We must be unified and work toward our common goal...equipping our kids for the future.

I bring over 10 years of helping people reconcile. Reconcile with each other; reconcile with themselves and reconcile with God. I bring over 7 1/2 years of public service as a Police Officer, working with youth, working with families, working with schools, working with the community as a Problem Oriented Policeman. I instructed law enforcement personnel on how to work within a diverse, dynamic, growing community. Our school district is dynamic, diverse and growing rapidly and that's one of the many things that makes us so special. But we have not arrived. We must strategically assess the areas were we are weak and work together to make them strong. We must recognize and celebrate the areas where we are strong and make them better. What I have learned is that this can only be done effectively when the stakeholders are represented and heard. We live in the times where we cannot wait for this to just happen, we must do something to make it happen.

I believe that we are so much better when everyone is valued and given the opportunity to be heard. I am asking for that opportunity come Nov 8th. I am asking for your vote. As a husband of 23 years, as a father of two, as a pastor/teacher for over 10 years, as a coach and a servant leader in our community, committed to our community. I believe there are solutions to every problem, if one is willing to work hard to find it, if one is willing to work in partnership with others, who may not think like they think, look like they look or have the same approach they may have, but simply willing to work together. My desire as a candidate for school board is to work with the other board members, teachers, administrators, parents & student to strengthen the areas that may be weak in our district and help make stronger the area where we are already excelling. Let's work together to continue to increase test scores of our students. Let's work together increase the number of students graduating and going on to colleges and universities. Let's work together to make sure we have adequate facilities for our rapidly growing community. Whatever it is, let just do it together!

I want our students to get the best possible education, by the most equipped educators, in the very best learning environments possible. My desire is for our teachers to have the very best resources possible so that they can provide the very best instruction possible, working in partnership with parents and students. I want our administrators to know that they are supported. I want our parents to know they have a voice and that there concerns are our concerns and I want our students to know they will get the very best from us and that we will fight for them, we will mentor them, we will model for them, we will correct them, but most of all we are here for them. Why? because essentially it is all about them. This is one of the few places where we must be all about the children. As school board member I understand that I am accountable, each school and each member of this district is accountable to each other and for each other. Whatever is broke, let's fix it, but let's do it together. Where there are inequities, let's right them, but let's right them together. I am a contributing member of this community. I am a stake holder in the future of our children and I am looking for ways where different people, with fresh, new ideas and approaches, and views, and values, can all work together, contributing to accomplish the goal. What is that goal? To equip and prepare our student for the future. Let's Do it Together! Let's be the very best we can be, Together! I ask for your vote on November 8th

District Responsibility: The responsibility of the District is to work in partnership with parents, educators and community to equip and prepare all students for the future path one chooses to take, whether college or trade. The District must provide this training in an environment that is safe for everyone. The School Board's responsibility as I see it is to work with district personnel to establish policy and procedures in the best interest of all students, while also providing our teachers, administrators and staff with all the necessary tools and resources to accomplish this task.

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