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Riverside County, CA November 8, 2005 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Patricia "Trisha" Sanders

Candidate for
Council Member; City of Palm Springs

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The reasons I am running are really based on 4 issues.

I am independent and a problem solver: In my 18 years of service I had to remain in a position of neutrality. Fairness and equality were the base of my office. Each time a petition was filed in my office, the decision on whether to accept it or reject it was not based on my opinion of the worthiness of the petition, but rather if the intent of the law was met. Could I have found a basis to reject petitions, yes, the law is difficult and very complicated when elections are involved, but the City Clerk looks not only at the law, but if the intent was met.

Quality of Life: On Police Safety, we have exactly the same number of sworn police officers in the City today as we did in fiscal year 85/86. Our Fire Department has 5 less employees for that same time period. Our population has increased, crime has increased, the number of calls for service for both Departments has increased, yet the safety of our citizens may be at risk daily. Quality of Life issues are not just about public safety. There are the parks, our libraries, recreation activities and our streets. We need to be able to maintain our current service levels and then prioritize each for improvements. We need to increase the number of our Public Safety Officers. Our streets are in a state of disrepair, Sunrise Park has become a haven for drug users, and our library is in danger of losing more open hours. We need a leader that is willing to take a stand at a minimum to maintain what we have.

Fiscally responsible: My budget as the City Clerk was roughly $500,000. Most of that money went for salaries. I had to be innovative and creative to cover costs each year. I consistently had something at the end of the year to give back to the General Fund. The philosophy in City Hall is to spend it or lose it, if you don't exhaust your budget, you will be cut the next year. Consultant hiring is at an all time high. Staffing in this year's budget deficit is being increased and higher management employees are being given significant increases. I believe that one should be paid a fair wage for a job, but I do not believe that individuals, whose jobs have not changed, should be given a raise when other employees are not. I have the background and experience to know when something is amiss. There is a need for checks and balances in any government system. With the exiting of most tenured employees that knowledge is gone. I am able to bring to the City a stability that is needed.

The City must remain pro business while being resident friendly: The Council must have contact with the business owners to understand their needs. Most people are willing to discuss issues or problems, all you have to do is ask and be open to the response. In the past we have had programs that have assisted our business owners. Those programs, if even available now, are not promoted. We need to get back to reviewing our economic development, promoting and assisting our businesses and looking for new, clean industries to bring to our City. We have become too involved in being right. I think we have forgotten there is a future.

I have lived in the Community for 20 years. I raised my sons here, I worked for the City of Palm Springs and I am deeply concerned with the current direction of our City. We need a person on the Council that will represent all the people, not just THE people and that will vote on each and every issue. I can only be effective if I am elected.

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