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Riverside County Ballot

8800 AGATE TERRACE RD, 92225

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November 8, 2005 Election

County Results as of Jan 28 2:43pm, 100% of Precincts Reporting (850/850)
44.4% Countywide Voter Turnout (344,862/776,886)

Statewide Results as of Nov 23 4:01pm, 100% of Precincts Reporting (17726/17726)
49.1% Statewide Voter Turnout (7,813,919/15,891,482)

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Polling Location on November 8, 7am - 8pm
County Administration Center
260 N Broadway
Blythe, CA 92225-1649

(Wheelchair accessible)
[Poll data last updated 2005/11/08 20:03]
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Precinct 47016
Ballot Type 34
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  • School

    Trustee; Palo Verde Community College District; Trustee Area 1Click here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites (3 Elected)

    • Debbie Birdsong
      2,006 votes 27.86%
    • Francis "Ted" Arneson
      1,941 votes 26.96%
    • Samuel Burton
      1,684 votes 23.39%
    • Lincoln Edmond
      1,557 votes 21.63%
    • (3 Total Write-In Votes 0.04%)

    Board Member; Palo Verde Unified School DistrictClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites (2 Elected)

    • Jim Shipley
      1,538 votes 28.18%
    • Norman Guith
      1,217 votes 22.30%
    • Francisco J. Tejeda
      1,029 votes 18.86%
    • Valentina Gwinnup Tejeda
      932 votes 17.08%
    • Mike Kisilewicz
      738 votes 13.52%
    • (1 Total Write-In Votes 0.02%)


    Council Member; City of BlytheClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites (3 Elected)

    • Robert A. Crain
      1,107 votes 16.92%
    • Beverly A. Mays
      987 votes 15.08%
    • Joseph "Joey" De Coninck
      979 votes 14.96%
    • George W. Thomas
      714 votes 10.91%
    • Richard "Dickie" Soto
      651 votes 9.95%
    • Dale S. Reynolds
      644 votes 9.84%
    • Debra Powels
      453 votes 6.92%
    • Carie D. Covel
      360 votes 5.50%
    • Larry J. Williams
      355 votes 5.42%
    • Edna G. Gillis
      292 votes 4.46%

    City Clerk; City of BlytheClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    • Virginia C. "Virgie" Rivera
      2,100 votes 99.81%
    • (4 Total Write-In Votes 0.19%)

    City Treasurer; City of BlytheClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    • Leann Kay Martin
      2,020 votes 99.61%
    • (8 Total Write-In Votes 0.39%)

    State Propositions

    Proposition 73 Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor's Pregnancy
    Fail: 3,610,475 / 47.3% Yes votes ...... 4,023,840 / 52.7% No votes
    Should the California Constitution be amended to require notification of the parent or legal guardian of an unemancipated, pregnant minor at least 48 hours before performing an abortion on the minor?

    Proposition 74 Public School Teachers. Waiting Period for Permanent Status. Dismissal
    Fail: 3,450,331 / 44.9% Yes votes ...... 4,241,972 / 55.1% No votes
    Should the probationary period for public school teachers be increased from two to five years, and should the process by which school boards can dismiss a permanent certificated employee be modified?

    Proposition 75 Public Employee Union Dues. Restrictions on Political Contributions. Employee Consent Requirement
    Fail: 3,575,521 / 46.5% Yes votes ...... 4,106,481 / 53.5% No votes
    Should public employee unions be required to obtain annual written consent from each member in order to use a portion of that member's dues for political activity?

    Proposition 76 State Spending and School Funding Limits
    Fail: 2,898,836 / 37.8% Yes votes ...... 4,775,219 / 62.2% No votes
    Should Californians make major Constitutional changes to create an additional state spending limit, grant the governor substantial new power to unilaterally reduce state spending, and revise key provisions relating to Proposition 98, school and community college funding, and transportation funding authorized by Proposition 42?

    Proposition 77 Redistricting. Initiative Constitutional Amendment
    Fail: 3,073,346 / 40.3% Yes votes ...... 4,548,276 / 59.7% No votes
    Should the California Constitution be amended to change the process of redistricting California's State Senate, State Assembly, Congressional and Board of Equalization districts, transferring the implementation of redistricting from the Legislature to a panel of three retired judges, selected by legislative leaders?

    Proposition 78 Discounts on Prescription Drugs
    Fail: 3,137,858 / 41.5% Yes votes ...... 4,421,298 / 58.5% No votes
    Should the state adopt a new state drug discount program to reduce the costs of prescription drugs for Californians at or below 300 percent of the federal poverty level?

    Proposition 79 Prescription Drug Discounts. State-Negotiated Rebates
    Fail: 2,940,106 / 39.3% Yes votes ...... 4,541,256 / 60.7% No votes
    Should the state of California create a new prescription drug discount program for residents at or below 400 percent of the federal poverty level, and change state law to make it illegal to engage in profiteering from the sale of prescription drugs?

    Proposition 80 Electric Service Providers. Regulation
    Fail: 2,532,094 / 34.4% Yes votes ...... 4,825,010 / 65.6% No votes
    Should the state expand its regulation of the electric industry?

    Local Measures

    Measure I Emergency & Health Care Tax -- Palo Verde Health Care District
    2,031 / 64.09% Yes votes ...... 1,138 / 35.91% No votes
    To prevent the life threatening shut-down of the only hospital and full-service emergency room serving the residents of Blythe, California, and to prevent the closure of this community’s local hospital so that victims of heart attacks, strokes, accidents, burns, and other medical emergencies receive appropriate medical care, shall the Palo Verde Hospital District be authorized to levy an annual property tax of $32.00 per parcel with all revenues going for emergency and health care services and facilities?

    The order of the contests and candidates on this ballot representation is NOT necessarily the same as your county's official ballot.
    If you print and mark your choices on this page and take it to the polls instead of an official sample ballot, be very careful.

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