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Marin County, CA November 8, 2005 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Stacey Anne Henderson

Candidate for
Director; Bolinas Community Public Utility District

This information is provided by the candidate

I am a mother, registered nurse, graphic designer, musician and a fulltime resident since 1985. I have served on several BCPUD committees, on the Bolinas Community Center Board of Directors and I continue to volunteer time at the Bolinas Stinson School.

If elected, my goal is to create a kinder, gentler local government; one that actively seeks and encourages community involvement; one that fosters a greater tolerance for diverse views while providing a safe forum for their expression.

I strongly believe in the importance of an open, and responsive government. A goverment that values and actively supports their community volunteers, remembering that they are mentoring their successors.

I believe that our leaders must lead by example. Moreover, if we want honest, intelligent, truly ethical candidates to be available in future presidential elections, we best start "growing our own" now.

It's hard to teach non-violence by beatings or threats, and hard to teach the importance of an open mind without having one to show.

I believe it is wrong to prejudge others based on skin color, or race or occupation, or place of origin. It is wrong whether the target/victim is a black man, Hispanic woman, or a new vector control district.

Some people will fan the fire of fear and anger that starts as prejudice and becomes hatred, by the printing and promoting of half-truths and exaggerations, while believing that their cause is just.

I believe prejudice is always wrong. Our world is too small to hate anyone, without it having a negative effect on everyone.

Pesticides are akin in some ways to abortion. No one is going to promote the virtues of killing the unborn, or of poisoning the environment. Both topics are highly charged and are sometimes difficult to discuss rationally.

And they both have their place, on (unfortunate) occasion, as very necessary, lesser of evils.

And the only way to prevent either one is to address the situation that necessitated their use in the first place. You can't prevent abortion by passing legislation. It just means more girls will die from illegal, backroom abortions. You can't stop pesticide use by carrying signs, signing petitions, or by making threats.

We CAN work to prevent the need for either of them by taking appropriate action, by working together to solve the problem, whatever it may be. I believe in a balanced, reasonable approach to problem solving, and working together cooperatively.

Growing up, I was taught not to criticize others. I was told that if I really didn't like something, that I'd best take the time to understand the situation and then suggest a reasonable alternative.

In this case, I believe that I am the reasonable alternative.

I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8th.

Stacey Henderson ...a reasonable alternative

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