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Orange County, CA November 2, 2004 Election
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"A Vision For the Future'

By David P. "Dave" Silva

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 67

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"I believe in the Constitution and those democratic values that bring us together. I think that just like working families government balance a budget, spend its money wisely and plan for the future.
Campaign Reform: We should amend the constitution so that Assembly members would serve for four years insted of two. No sooner is someone elected than he has to start running again instead of doing his job. This one change would save an enormous amount of money. We also need to get rid of, or amend, term limits. Term limits was a bad idea, an undemocratic idea that hasn't worked. Another cost saving idea than would make elections fairer, and more representative of the voter's intent is to adopt "Instant Run-off Balloting." Civil Liberties: I'm a member of the ACLU and I believe it isn't enough simply to have rights; they must also be protected. We don't need the government routinely spying on our emails, our phone calls or the books we read. I'm for protecting your privacy from corporate intrusion, government intrustion and from telemarketers. The Economy: We need a raise in the minimum wage and to protect good paying union jobs from corporate interests who would destroy the American middle class. Good paying jobs are essential to a sound economy. The Environment. I'm a member of the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy. I will fight to protect the wetlands in my 67th District. We need government regulation to insure that we have clean air and water for the future. Energy: We need to begin a transition away from oil and coal to alternative forms of energy, such as hydrogen, solar, wind and geothermal. Delaying because we are tied to an entrenched system supported by big oil money will, in the long run, cause economic damage and will corrupt our foreign policy. Education: I'm for quality and affordable education for all Californians. I'm against any voucher scheme. The emphasis should be on educating children, not maximizing profits or selling products. A Woman's Right to Choose: I'm a member of Planned Parenthood, because I believe abortion should be safe, legal and rare. I have a vision of a future where every child is a wanted child. Sex education has, time and again, been shown to be more effective in reducing teen pregnancy tha abstinence only programs. Gay Rights: We should not discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation. I'm for domestic partnehip laws that give people the same legal rights as married couples. Laor: I've been a dues paying member of the National Association of Letter Carriers for 40 years. I think that every American is entitled to the American dream of a good paying job where he, or she, can buy a home, raise a family and provide for their health, well-being and future. I worked to support the stiking UFCW union and will fight against the "Walmartinization" of America. Crime Prevention: I'm for ammending the "Three Strikes Law" so that it only applies to serious or violent crimes and doesn't upgrade misdemeanors into felonies. We need more crime prevention programs and less people in prison for victimless crimes at taxpayer expense. Since America imprisons a greater percenatage of its population than any non-communist country, what we are doing isn't working and we need to rethink our failed policies.

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