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Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Gail K. Lightfoot

Candidate for
United States Senator; Libertarian Party

This information is provided by the candidate

My political philosophy, a defination of Libertarianism.

Libertarianism is simply the philosophy of our country's founding fathers:

A Limited Government that protects us from criminals and foreign enemies, keeps taxes low, and otherwise leaves us alone.

Live and let live.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Self Government not U.S. Government.

Represenatives not Rulers.

Free minds and Free Markets.

Over and over we have heard the same old promises.

Our elected representatives have been promising us smaller government and tax relief for decades. Instead both parties have raised taxes and passed new laws, made new agencies, new regulations, and new bureaus, year after year after year.

Our elected officials at the federal level are currently doing everything they can to destroy the Constitution. They pass laws covering every aspect of our daily lives, regulating everything and anything you touch, taking every bit of information about us and putting it in a surveillance system that will leave each of us no shred of privacy.

This is my Vision of a Libertarian Future

I see a land freed from want and fear: Where you keep what you earn and spend it as you wish; Where government minds its own business, not yours; Where laws are few, clear, and simple, mean just what they say, and apply equally to everyone, rich or poor, weak or powerful; Where all, so long as they hurt no one else, are entitled to exercise their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of their vision of happiness in peace and freedom.

But is it even possible? Yes, it's about what we had only 40 years ago, before our government grew tenfold and started taxing us to death. And we can have it again if we find the will and make the effort to take our country and our government back.

Libertarians hold a variety of opinions on issues.

We do not have to subscribe to a rigid platform of beliefs. If we respect others, pay our own way in life, and follow the Golden Rule, we are following the Libertarian philosophy. Each person has a different vision of their ideal lbertarian society, but, as I used to tell my own mother, my vision does not compel anyone else to change their vision. My vision sets us all free to do the things we think are most important for ourselves, our families and our communities.

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