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Marin County, CA March 2, 2004 Election
Directory of Marin County, CA Measures
County Results as of Apr 16 10:00am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (14/14)
49.6% Countywide Voter Turnout (6409/12928)

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Measure 2. Regional Traffic Relief Plan -- County of Marin, County of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Solano (Regional Measure - Majority Vote)
631,304 / 58.5% Yes votes ...... 448,771 / 41.5% No votes
   178,464 (59.55%) Yes / 121,206 (40.45%) No in Santa Clara County
   164,497 (55.6%) Yes / 131,098 (44.4%) No in Alameda County
   121,167 (51.4%) Yes / 114,766 (48.6%) No in Contra Costa County
   51285 (64.29%) Yes / 28487 (35.71%) No in Marin County
   115,891 (68.53%) Yes / 53,214 (31.47%) No in San Francisco County
   Yes / No in Solano County
Shall voters authorize a Regional Traffic Relief Plan that does the following:

(1) Directs revenues generated through the collection of bridge tolls to provide the following projects:

(A) Expand and extend BART.
(B) New transbay commuter rail crossing south of the San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge.
(C) Comprehensive Regional Express bus network.
(D) New expanded ferry service.
(E) Better connections between BART, buses, ferries, and rail.

(2) Approves a one dollar ($1) toll increase effective July 1, 2004, on all toll bridges in the bay area, except the Golden Gate Bridge?

Measure A. Continuation of the Transient Occupancy Tax -- County of Marin (Majority required)
5134 / 80.18% Yes votes ...... 1269 / 19.82% No votes
Shall an ordinance be approved to continue section 3.05.030 of the Marin County Code to sustain the current transient occupancy tax rate of ten percent (10%) upon transients occupying lodging located only within the unincorporated area of Marin County?

Measure B. Continuation of the Business License Tax -- County of Marin (Majority Required)
58530 / 75.52% Yes votes ...... 18970 / 24.48% No votes
Shall an ordinance be approved to continue Chapter 5.54 of the Marin County Code to sustain the current business license tax upon all professions, trades, occupations, gainful activities, and all and every kind of calling, within the unincorporated area of Marin County to raise revenue for general governmental purposes?

Measure C. Appropriations Limit Adjustment -- City of Belvedere
766 / 82.10% Yes votes ...... 167 / 17.90% No votes
Shall the City of Belvedere be authorized to continue adjusting its appropriations limit for the annual fire protection and emergency medical services levy, pursuant to Article XIIIB of the California Constitution, for the period 7/1/2004 through 6/30/2008? The levy for FY 2004-2005 shall not exceed the rate authorized in Chapter 3.28 of the Belvedere Municipal Code. (The current levy is $444 per residential dwelling unit, $509 per commercial occupancy, and $90 per vacant parcel.)

Measure D. General Municipal Services Tax -- Town of Ross
606 / 64.61% Yes votes ...... 332 / 35.39% No votes
Shall the ordinance authorizing levy of the general municipal services tax from July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2008, thereby increasing the appropriations limit of the Town of Ross, be adopted?

Measure E. School Bond -- Kentfield School District (55% Required)
3259 / 70.39% Yes votes ...... 1371 / 29.61% No votes
In order to repair and modernize 1950's era classrooms and facilities at Bacich and Kent schools; install energy-saving solar panels to reduce costs; improve student safety; replace aging plumbing and electrical systems; upgrade wiring to meet technology standards; replace aging heating and ventilation units; and upgrade facilities to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, shall Kentfield School District issue $11,900,000 of general obligation bonds at rates below legal limits and appoint a Citizens' Oversight Committee?

Measure F. Special Tax -- Bolinas Fire Protection District Community Facilities District 2003-1 (2/3 Vote Required)
638 / 78.86% Yes votes ...... 171 / 21.14% No votes
In order to build a new, earthquakeresistant, code-compliant firehouse with ambulance bay, shall the Bolinas Fire Protection District, for its Community Facilities District No. 20031 (Fire Station Project), levy a special tax of $98 per developed parcel and $35 per undeveloped parcel each year for 40 years to repay bonds used to finance the firehouse, issue special tax bonds and fix an appropriations limit of not more than $2,000,000?

Measure G. Zone IV Bond -- Strawberry Recreation District (2/3 vote required)
62 / 84.93% Yes votes ...... 11 / 15.07% No votes
Shall the Zone IV portion of the Strawberry Recreation District incur bonded indebtedness of not to exceed $2,100,000 to finance the acquisition, construction and completion of certain recreational improvements, structures and facilities comprising the dredging, redredging, widening and opening of navigable channels, to provide a safe, adequate and useful recreational small boat channel and lands and easement necessary therefore, for the benefit of said Zone IV and of its inhabitants?

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