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Smart Voter Political Philosophy for David Laughing Horse Robinson

Candidate for
Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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Our senior citizens have paid their dues to society and now is the time they should be living their lives in peace and comfort. I completely oppose the new restrictions being discussed for senior drivers licenses. The largest group creating accidents, especially fatalities, are aged 30 years old and younger. If you are going to put restrictions out there you have to put them on the 30 years and younger group too. Our communities need before and after school programs and elder care. We need to set up elder living quarters adjacent to daycare facilities for children, so seniors can go in and take care of our youngsters too. We should combine our communities, not split them apart. I think we need to simplify our lives, including taxes. I am not going to raise taxes, I am just going to equal them out. A 10 percent flat tax without loopholes would guarantee that all people are paying their fair share of tax. Dependant deductions would still apply and taxes would only begin after your income reaches $30,000. I'd subsidize home owners who put in solar energy units and encourage statewide reconditioning of our wind turbines. Finally, the Vehicle License Fee should be $75 across the board for automobiles. By initiating these measures we can afford Free Public Education, K thru PhD to train the entrepreneurs of the future.


Workers' Comp right now is a hardship for small business. We can combine Universal Health Care with Workers' Comp and offer it to responsible small businesses that demonstrate a safe environment. If these businesses meet the standards of safety they would not have to pay Workers' Compensation fees. The only businesses that would have to pay Workers' Comp would be the ones with high levels of irresponsible injuries. Universal Health Care would solve other problems too. Any time you cut someone off from healthcare you are creating a hazard for the entire population. People will not go to the doctor if they cannot afford it. That means that flu, influenza and other diseases like SARS will be spread quickly. This lack of coverage raises the overall cost of healthcare for everyone. People who could otherwise get preventative care wait until their condition deteriorates and they have to go to the Emergency Room. This is a huge burden on hospitals and costs taxpayers a lot of money. Lets cut the cost of Workers' Comp and overall healthcare expense by providing Universal Health Care. The result will be a less expensive, healthier society.

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