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San Mateo County Ballot

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June 3, 2003 Election

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  • City

    Member, City Council; City of Belmont

    Local Measures

    Measure A Special Tax for Education -- Burlingame Elementary School District (2/3 Voter Approval Required)
    3,790 / 71.9% Yes votes ...... 1,479 / 28.1% No votes
    To keep good teachers, maintain small class sizes, support reading programs and libraries, and preserve educational quality, shall the Burlingame School District levy an annual special tax of $76 per parcel for 8 years (and raise its annual appropriation limit accordingly) to offset severe school funding cuts arising from California's state budget crisis, with all expenditures monitored by an independent volunteer oversight committee and exempting parcels owned and occupied by persons 65 years of age or older?

    Measure B Special Tax for Education -- San Mateo-Foster City School District (2/3 Voter Approval Required)
    10,746 / 69.3% Yes votes ...... 4,752 / 30.7% No votes
    To maintain the quality of our local elementary and middle schools, shall San Mateo-Foster City School District collect $75/year per taxable parcel for seven years, with an exemption for seniors, and annual cost of living adjustment, to support small class size, continue art, music, library and technology programs, and to facilitate hiring and retaining qualified teachers and other employees by paying competitive salaries and shall the District's annual appropriations limit be revised by such amount?

    Measure C Special Tax for Education -- Cabrillo Unified School District (2/3 Voter Approval Required)
    4,603 / 65.4% Yes votes ...... 2,440 / 34.6% No votes
    Shall the Cabrillo Unified School District be authorized to levy a special tax of $250.00 on each parcel within the District, each year for five years, exempting parcels owned and occupied by individuals over 65 and vacant parcels, to be used to restore education and support programs, continue class-size reduction, and provide student transportation?

    Measure D Special Tax for Education -- San Carlos School District (2/3 Voter Approval Required)
    3,941 / 69.9% Yes votes ...... 1,694 / 30.1% No votes
    To promote early reading and literacy, retain quality teachers and staff, maintain small class sizes, keep school libraries staffed, support reading, writing, mathematics, arts, foreign language and technology, and maintain safe schools, shall the San Carlos School District levy a special tax of $98.00 per parcel beginning on July 1, 2003, for eight years, adjustable by no more than 3% annually based on the Consumer Price Index and offering an exemption to individuals 65 and older?

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