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Riverside County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
Directory of Riverside County, CA Measures
County Results as of November 20 4:47pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (151/151)
47% Countywide Voter Turnout (305,391/649,670)

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Measure A. Transportation Tax -- County of Riverside
203,709 / 69.20% Yes votes ...... 90,660 / 30.80% No votes
To relieve traffic congestion, improve safety and air quality shall Measure A (Riverside County Transportation Commission Ordinance No. 02-001) be approved to extend for thirty (30) years the current 1/2 cent sales tax to:
  • Widen/improve routes 10, 15, 60, 71, 79, 86, 91, 111 and 15/91 and 10/60 interchanges
  • Maintain community streets
  • Expand transit for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Expand Metrolink commuter rail
  • Conduct independent financial audits and authorize bonds up to $500 million?

Measure F. Repeal Utility User's Tax -- City of Moreno Valley
9,285 / 46.44% Yes votes ...... 10,710 / 53.56% No votes

Measure G. Transfer School Territory -- Moreno Valley Unified School District Transfer Area To Riverside Unified School District
140 / 78.65% Yes votes ...... 38 / 21.35% No votes
Shall that area of the Moreno Valley Unified School District (described below) be transferred to the Riverside Unified School District (that territory being City of Riverside and County of Riverside, Portion N 1/2 NW 1/4 Section 16, T. 3 S. R. 4 W.)?

Measure J. School Bond -- Menifee Union School District
6,853 / 59.24% Yes votes ...... 4,715 / 40.76% No votes
Shall Menifee Union School District relieve overcrowding, improve education and increase safety throughout the district by constructing two new elementary schools and additional class rooms to accommodate growth, by improving technology in classrooms, by improving energy efficiency and by making other upgrades by issuing $14,500,000 of bonds at interest rates not exceeding eight per cent (8%), with citizen oversight, annual audits of expenditures and performance and no proceeds used for teacher or administrator salaries or other operating expenses?

Measure K. School Bond -- Murrieta Valley Unified School District
11,119 / 70.46% Yes votes ...... 4,662 / 29.54% No votes
To relieve severe overcrowding, and to provide sufficient classrooms and educational facilities for local children, shall the Murrieta Valley Unified School District construct new schools, build new classrooms and facilities, acquire land and qualify for state matching funds by issuing $40.4 million in bonds, at interest rates within the legal limit, and appoint an independent citizens' oversight committee to conduct annual audits to ensure account ability and guarantee all funds will only be used to improve educational facilities for local children?

Measure L. School Bond -- Banning Unified School District
2,620 / 67.79% Yes votes ...... 1,245 / 32.21% No votes
Shall the Banning Unified School District, serving children from kindergarten through 12th grade, construct and furnish cafeterias/multi-purpose rooms at Hoffer and Hemerling schools and a gymnasium at Banning High School, issue $12 million of bonds at an interest rate within the legal limit and provide a citizens' oversight committee; provide independent audits, and use no funds for administrative salaries?

Measure M. Fire and Paramedic Tax -- City of La Quinta
4,748 / 66.23% Yes votes ...... 2,421 / 33.77% No votes
Shall Initiative Ordinance 2002-1, authorizing the levy of a special tax on each eligible parcel in the City to fund enhanced fire protection and paramedic services, be adopted?

Measure N. Adopt City Charter -- City of Indian Wells
1,641 / 89.38% Yes votes ...... 195 / 10.62% No votes
Shall the Charter be adopted making Indian Wells a Charter City so that the laws of Indian Wells shall prevail over State law with respect to municipal affairs?

Measure O. 4% Utility Users Tax -- City of Cathedral City
2,556 / 33.29% Yes votes ...... 5,123 / 66.71% No votes
Shall a 4% utility users tax be imposed on gas, telephone, electrical and video services for a period commencing on July 1, 2003 and expiring on June 30, 2007?

Measure P. Bond Measure -- San Bernardino Community College District
833 / 53.64% Yes votes ...... 720 / 46.36% No votes
To prepare students for jobs and four year colleges; enhance nursing, firefighter, paramedic, public safety and hi-tech job training, repair aging buildings, class rooms, labs, upgrade earthquake safety; upgrade wiring/equipment for computer technology; construct, acquire and equip modern buildings/libraries, science/computer labs/class rooms; and improve campus security, shall San Bernardino Community College District issue $190,000,000 of bonds at legal rates, appoint a citizens oversight committee, and perform annual audits to ensure no money is used for administrators' salaries?

Measure Q. Amend Charter Section 400 -- City of Riverside
28,795 / 71.78% Yes votes ...... 11,319 / 28.22% No votes
Shall section 400 of the Charter of the City of Riverside be amended to provide that officials elected at the general municipal election, or at any other election, take office on the second Tuesday following completion of the canvass, but in no event later than the fifth Tuesday following the election?

Measure R. Amend Charter Section 1109 -- City of Riverside
21,529 / 53.44% Yes votes ...... 18,756 / 46.56% No votes
Shall section 1109 of the Charter of the City of Riverside be amended to increase the threshold requirement for formal competitive bidding and city council approval of public works contracts from $25,000 to $50,000, subject to existing provisions of section 1109?

Measure S. Amend Charter Section 1202 -- City of Riverside
20,672 / 50.88% Yes votes ...... 19,953 / 49.12% No votes
Shall section 1202 of the Charter of the City of Riverside be amended to increase from $25,000 to $50,000 the Board of Public Utilities' authorization threshold for any purchase of equipment, materials or supplies or any acquisition, construction, improvement, extension, enlargement, diminution, or curtailment of all or any part of any public utility system, subject to all other existing provisions of section 1202?

Measure T. School Bond -- Nuview Union School District
1,034 / 63.59% Yes votes ...... 592 / 36.41% No votes
To modernize and build new classrooms and facilities within the Nuview Union School District, replace plumbing, air conditioning, communications and electrical systems, provide classroom technology, create handicapped access, make the District eligible for State matching funds and enhance safety with fire hydrants, security fencing, safer playgrounds, and asbestos removal, shall the District issue $6,000,000 of bonds with interest rates below the legal limit with spending reviewed by a citizen's oversight committee?

Measure U. Repeal Utility Users Tax -- City of Palm Springs
5,148 / 41.18% Yes votes ...... 7,354 / 58.82% No votes
Shall the City Municipal Code be amended to repeal the City's 5% utility tax on users of telephone, electricity and gas services?

Measure V. Amend Hotel Tax -- City of Palm Springs
3,722 / 29.65% Yes votes ...... 8,833 / 70.35% No votes
Shall the City Municipal Code be amended concerning the tax currently collected on persons occupying hotel rooms so that the tax rate will vary from 10% to 12.5% based on the number of rooms in the hotel, with monies raised by the tax be spent solely to encourage local tourism, and not for other City services?

Measure W. Establish Term Limits -- City of Palm Springs
5,919 / 47.05% Yes votes ...... 6,662 / 52.95% No votes
Shall the City Charter be amended to establish term limits prohibiting any person elected to the office of the Mayor or City Council or appointed to any City board or commission from serving more than two terms or a total of ten years in that office or on that board or commission?

Measure X. Parking -- City of Palm Springs (Charter Amendment)
4,984 / 39.91% Yes votes ...... 7,505 / 60.09% No votes
Shall the City Charter and Municipal Code be amended to prohibit the City (other than at the airport) from (a) metering, charging for or taxing any public parking space, (b) reserving public parking spaces for any user (except handicap parking), and (c) placing any time restrictions for public parking spaces less than 24 hours?

Measure Y. Council Appointment of Boards -- City of Palm Springs
6,678 / 53.87% Yes votes ...... 5,719 / 46.13% No votes
Shall the City Charter be amended to provide that persons serving on city boards and commissions be nominated and appointed by the City Council rather than nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the City Council?

Measure Z. Vacancy -- City of Palm Springs (Charter Amendment)
7,243 / 58.23% Yes votes ...... 5,196 / 41.77% No votes
Shall the City Charter be amended so that after a City Council election is called by the Council or within 90 days after the City Council election, if a vacancy occurs on the City Council, the City Council must appoint the next highest vote getter to the open seat?

Measure AA. Adopt City Charter -- City of Desert Hot Springs
1,351 / 59.25% Yes votes ...... 929 / 40.75% No votes
Shall the purposed City Charter for the City of Desert Hot Springs be adopted so that the laws of the City shall prevail over general state law with respect to local municipal affairs?

Measure BB. Change Mayor Term to 4 Years -- City of Desert Hot Springs
1,121 / 48.99% Yes votes ...... 1,167 / 51.01% No votes
Shall the term of the Office of the Mayor of Desert Hot Springs increase from two years to four years, beginning with the 2003 Mayor's term?

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