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California State Government March 5, 2002 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Louise Marie Allison

Candidate for
Secretary of State; State of California; Natural Law Party

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Fundamentally, California's problems are human problems - crime, domestic violence, drug abuse, declining health, illegal immigration, governmental corruption and waste, environmental pollution, and terrorism. These problems, and many others, result from the lack of developed consciousness in our citizens and in our elected officials. However, no amount of regulation will uplift human behavior.

The solution lies in proper education. Education that develops creativity, intelligence, and self-sufficiency and expands consciousness and understanding will result in self-governing citizens capable of leading healthy, productive, satisfying lives and contributing to the welfare and progress of the community. Ideal education harnesses our most precious resource - human consciousness - and elevates individual consciousness to be in harmony with natural law.

This principle of raising consciousness, developing creativity and bringing individual life into harmony with Natural Law forms the cornerstone of the Natural Law Party's and my political philosophy.

This is not an abstract philosophy, but rather a common-sense approach to governance and problem-solving. Our principles and programs harness the most up-to-date scientific knowledge of natural law - the intelligence of nature that governs our complex universe - and apply it to public policy. We stand for a prevention-oriented approach to governing, using scientifically proven solutions,such as:

- Natural health care programs shown to prevent disease and cut costs
- Proven educational innovations that develop students' full potential through programs that increase creativity and intelligence
- Effective, field-tested crime prevention and rehabilitation programs
- Protecting the environment through energy efficiency and use of clean energy sources
- Safeguarding California's food supply through sustainable, organic agriculture practices
- Mandatory labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods
- Ensuring a strong economy by harnessing the creativity of our citizens and implementing pro-growth fiscal policies
- Lowering taxes through cost-effective solutions, not reduced services
- Promoting more prosperous, harmonious international relations by increasing the export of know-how, rather than weapons
- Ending special interest control of politics by eliminating PACs, soft money, and lobbying by former public servants.

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