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Santa Barbara County, CA November 6, 2001 Election
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Harnesing Your Government

By William Brian Jennings

Candidate for Mayor; City of Santa Barbara

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We have a Leadership Government that has long forgotten that it never had the power or the authority to say "NO" to the Collective Voice of the People.
In 1962 when I first joined the United States Navy , and just minutes later found myself bound for Veit Nam . That was the last time I ever heard anyone running for any public office, pledge themselves as a Public Servant.
  • Returning home from military life and a War that was not a War by any other standard then by the number of 17, 18 and 19 year old boys and Girls who lost life and limb. I some how missed the fact that All Candidates ran proudly as our Leaders.
  • I like so many others got comfortable with the idea of Leadership. Then one day I awoke to the reality that my Leadership Government , was nolonger asking me what I wanted but instead were telling me what I could and could not do. They were even telling me when I could and could not do the things we use to take for granted. Like build a fence to keep my yard private and safe. The color I can paint my house and which certified materials I could put on my roof. They were even in my back yard telling me how and where to build my deck that would raise my taxes! They told me I can not ad another room or put a door from the guest bedroom to the back yard.
  • When the Santa Barbara City Council told us we did not have the right to vote. With over eight thousand signatures not once but twice. We could not vote! That was it, I woke up from the false reality that I lived in a free country.
  • We the people do not have to be right. We only need to speak, and the Constitutionally Correct Government, most reply with, How much and How high! Some how I do not think you are laughing. You should instead remember the definitions for (OF) as in (Of the People). There is absolutly no way for a leadership Government to repair the damage it has caused to the people,the economy and to this once very nice place to live.
  • Now 50% of this Cities payroll,sleeps and spends our Gross Product, in a place where rent is much less and available. This is why 100% of the taxes are being paid by the remaining 50% of the economic equation.
  • Now the City just reached into your pocket and took another 1.8 million dollars of your money. They fail to see that this will only make matters worsen for the rest of the tax producers and will return almost nothing to the revenue base. Even if all of this Governments Employees actually moved here for that little bit of an increase. If they are smart they will stay where they are until they find out just how much their pay increase is going to inflate the living wage. "If you want the fire to burn out before you go to bed you do not throw more wood on it."
  • Never, not once did this Leadership Government think how to do the only thing that could lower the living wage. *To fix it you most first know the definition of living. (Living Wage= the amount of money one most earn to break even.) Feel any better now that you realize that. That and these two facts:One, less then 10% of the People earn the living wage! Two,Rent in Santa Barbara, represents 55% of the living wage!
  • You can only use 200 words or less to discribe your qualifications, to run for Mayor or City Council. In order for that information to appear on the sample ballot. This is why I will have NO information published. I could not brief my education and relevant working experience down to that maximum. They suggested that I leave somthing out. With my past, believe me if I left something out. It would be worst then what Clinton and Bush did not disclose. I think they would have prefered I left out my extensive working relationship with economics.
  • Economics 101 taught us that rent/ house payment should not exceed 25% of gross income. When this happens it becomes economicly unwise as other essentials such as health insurance is the first to go.
  • Economics 202 teaches us that raising the pervailing wage,(if productivity does not increase)the cost of living (i.e.)the living wage goes up.
  • You knew this, your high school freshman knew this, however your Leadership Government does not know this. That is why they had no problem with the 200 word limit.
  • This is not the only issue that I am hot about. This is just the most damaging to our economy. Fix this as I have already drafted to the S.B.Ass.of Realtors. (Available by E-mail)The rest of this Cities problems will melt snow in July!
  • You may E-mail me directly from this page and ask me any question or get all of the information needed to make your vote worth your time and effort to vote.
  • Vote for yourself this election, Elect a Servant Government. Thank you for your time: William Brian Jennings , for a Servant Government!

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