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Sonoma County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
Directory of Sonoma County, CA Measures
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Measure A. Qualified Special Tax Assessment for Educational Purposes -- Shoreline Joint Unified School District
890 / 71.7% Yes votes
351 / 28.3% No votes
To maintain existing school programs and improve the quality of education; to provide funds to buy updated textbooks and materials for math, reading, and writing courses; and to enhance critical computer science, library, and arts programs, shall the Shoreline Unified School District extend the existing $120 a year parcel tax, increasing annually at 4%, for no more than six years?

Measure B. School Facilities -- Shoreline Joint Unified School District (Bonds)
862 / 70.7% Yes votes
358 / 29.3% No votes
To improve the quality of education and provide safety for our children; construct and modernize school facilities, including libraries, computer labs and multi-use rooms for school and community use; repair aging infrastructure such as worn-out electrical and heating systems and restrooms; and construct permanent classrooms to replace aging portables; shall the Shoreline Unified School District incur bonded indebtedness in the amount of $7,000,000 at an interest rate not to exceed the statutory limit?

Measure H. Transient Occupancy Tax -- County of Sonoma
65,269 / 37.4% Yes votes
109,045 / 62.6% No votes
Shall an ordinance be approved to amend Section 12-11 of the Sonoma County Code to increase the transient occupancy tax rate from nine (9) percent to twelve (12) percent upon transients occupying lodging located only within the unincorporated area of Sonoma County?

Measure I. Rural Heritage Initiative -- County of Sonoma
78,590 / 42.6% Yes votes
105,923 / 57.4% No votes
Shall the "Rural Heritage Initiative" ordinance which would, for the next thirty years, add a requirement for voter approval of any amendment to the Sonoma County General Plan to (i) amend the land use designation or increase the density of lands designated as "Land Intensive Agriculture," "Land Extensive Agriculture," "Diverse Agriculture," or "Resources and Rural Development," or (ii) make changes in specified General Plan land use goals, objectives, or policies, be adopted?

Measure J. Transient Occupancy Tax Increase -- City of Santa Rosa
23,591 / 43.2% Yes votes
31,041 / 56.8% No votes
Shall the voters of the City of Santa Rosa adopt an ordinance amending Section 3-28.020 of the Santa Rosa City Code to increase the City's Transient Occupancy Tax upon transients occupying lodgings within the City to twelve percent?

Measure K. Utility Users Tax -- City of Cloverdale
464 / 17.3% Yes votes
2,215 / 82.7% No votes
In order to maintain essential City services, shall the Cloverdale City Telephone, Electricity and Gas Users Tax, Municipal Code Chapter 3.40 be amended as follows: (1) the tax shall be increased to five percent; (2) the tax shall also be imposed on cellular, facsimile, pager and cable video services, with account addresses within the City of Cloverdale; and (3) the annual cumulative dollar limitation for any single service user shall be increased to $350?

Measure L. Growth Management -- City of Healdsburg (Council Initiative)
1,852 / 42.3% Yes votes
2,531 / 57.7% No votes
Shall the Ordinance establishing growth control measures limiting annual building permits in the City of Healdsburg to 25 per year, subject to certain exemptions, and amending the General Plan be adopted?

Measure M. Growth Management -- City of Healdsburg (Citizen Initiative)
2,472 / 55.2% Yes votes
2,003 / 44.8% No votes
Shall the Ordinance establishing growth control measures limiting annual building permits to 30 per year in the City of Healdsburg be adopted?

Measure N. Urban Growth Boundary -- City of Rohnert Park
10,274 / 70.7% Yes votes
4,249 / 29.3% No votes
Shall the voters of Rohnert Park amend the General Plan to make the Urban Growth Boundary effective for 20 years so as to prevent urban sprawl, protect community separators, preserve agricultural land and open space, and control the amount and rate of growth to conform to the new General Plan, be spread evenly over 20 years, and provide that no change can be made to the Urban Growth Boundary measure unless approved by the voters?

Measure O. Affordable Housing -- City of Rohnert Park
7,462 / 53.4% Yes votes
6,504 / 46.6% No votes
Without increasing taxes, shall private sponsors with government assistance be allowed to develop, construct, or acquire low-rent housing subject to these conditions: Authorized units shall not exceed four percent of units in the City; No more than 15 percent of the units shall be located in any Section (A through S) or specific plan area; Twenty percent of the units shall be reserved for elderly or disabled households; The authorization shall expire November 8, 2020?

Measure P. Transient Occupancy Tax Increase -- City of Sebastopol
2,544 / 67.6% Yes votes
1,219 / 32.4% No votes
Shall the City increase the existing Transient Occupancy Tax from 6% to 10%?

Measure Q. Increase in Sales Tax -- City of Sebastopol
1,898 / 50.4% Yes votes
1,869 / 49.6% No votes
Shall The City increase the Sales Tax by 0.125%?

Measure R. Low Income Housing -- City of Sonoma
2,808 / 59.8% Yes votes
1,890 / 40.2% No votes
Shall the City of Sonoma adopt an ordinance authorizing public entities to develop, construct or acquire 100 additional units of low-rent housing in the City of Sonoma?

Measure S. Urban Growth Boundary -- City of Sonoma
2,966 / 63.7% Yes votes
1,689 / 36.3% No votes
Shall the ordinance amending the City of Sonoma General Plan to establish an urban growth boundary be adopted?

Measure T. Special Tax -- Rincon Valley Fire Protection District
8,528 / 70.7% Yes votes
3,526 / 29.3% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 00/01-1-R of the Rincon Valley Fire Protection District authorizing imposition of a special tax having a maximum rate of $36.00 for the first dwelling unit and $12 for each additional dwelling unit for residential use property and $0.05 per square foot of building area for commercial and industrial use property to assist in meeting the costs of providing authorized services and exercising the other rights and powers of the District be approved?

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