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United States Senator

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Let me introduce a novel idea: Government should be based on that which works; not that which is politically expedient, or is bought and paid for by moneyed special interests.

As well intentioned as political candidates may be, without meaningful campaign reform it is naive to think any elected official will not be influenced by those who financed his campaign. As a result, politicians are not respected, our electoral process is owned by big money, we have the lowest voter turnout of any democracy, and apathy routinely returns incumbents to office.
But there is good news. Programs exist today which have been shown to improve educational outcomes, keep kids off drugs and safe in school, prevent crime, cut health care costs while improving quality and preserving choice, generate environmentally friendly renewable energy while producing new jobs, reduce recidivism; and save money at the same time, allowing for lower taxes. As a family physician, author, small business owner, colonel in the Army Reserve, and parent of two children in our public schools, I see needs that currently are not well addressed by the the two dominant political parties.
Our tax code is a disaster; it cannot be salvaged and should not be retained. We should throw the whole thing out and replace it with a low flat tax. Only the Natural Law Party has the programs to lower responsibly the insatiable appetite of government for your money, without cutting essential services. You may be skeptical; go to www.natural-law.com and read our platform and judge for yourself.
Campaign reform, tax reform (tax cuts), and innovative education for the 21st century, that's where I will start if I go to Washington to represent you.
Please help bring a new voice to the U.S. Senate. Let's cut taxes, create new and better jobs and implement programs that work.

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