California State Government March 7, 2000 Election
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Illegal Immigration

By Ray Haynes

Candidate for United States Senator

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Stop Illigal Immigration
I want to get one thing straight and make it very clear - we were right with Proposition 187. It is wrong for people to come into our country illegally and claim taxpayer paid benefits such as welfare and taxpayer subsidized health care. Those people are wrong and Proposition 187 was right. Those on the left that have condemned it for years were never adequately responded to, and have been allowed to define the issue. We need to protect our border. It is one of the key functions of the federal government is to protect our borders, and to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into California and the rest of the country. For that reason we need revisit the issue of illegal immigration in California. Whether we introduce another 187-like initiative or we address other issues surrounding illegal immigration, we need to deal with this issue now. We need to cut off taxpayer funded benefits to illegal immigrants because the immigrants are just that - illegal.

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