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By Jose Luis "Joe" Camahort

Candidate for United States Senator

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(1.)Scrap the Tax Code, abolish the IRS, and replace all taxes with a fair, flat transaction tax; (2.)Have the U.S. Treasury Dept. provide FREE PERSONAL financial services; (3.)Consolidate all Federal benefits into one computerized, automated package based on age and income level; and (4.)Encourage individuals, businesses, and the Government to be as productive as possible with our resources.
Dear Fellow Californians,

I'm on the March 7, 2000 ballot as a candidate for the U.S. Senate under the Reform Party banner. I'm not accepting campaign contributions from anyone and plan to stay below the $5,000 FEC reporting threshold for out-of-pocket expenses. Instead, I'm forming a volunteer networking group called "CAMAHORT'S COHORTS." I challenge all candidates to do the same. Let our IDEAS do the talking and our VOLUNTEERS do the walking!

I have a PLAN to sustain the environment and end poverty. If we do not sustain the environment, Mother Nature will end us by not sustaining life. If we do not end poverty, poverty will end us through ever more violent conflicts with weapons of mass destruction.

The CAMAHORT PLAN involves the following major elements: (1.)Scrap the Tax Code, abolish the IRS, and replace all taxes with a fair, flat transaction tax on everything paid by everyone. No exceptions and no exemptions; (2.)Have the U.S. Treasury Department provide FREE PERSONAL financial services (banking, insurance, and brokerage services) to all individuals with a valid Social Security Number (SSN); (3.)Consolidate all Federal benefits into one computerized, automated package based on age and income level; which incentivizes people to earn more and disincentivizes them from having more than one child per parent per household; and (4.)Encourage individuals, businesses, and the government to be as productive as possible with our resources.

We have the marvelous digital technology and the government has the supercomputers to accomplish all of the above. The government already has a database with all the SSN information. The banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms can continue providing financial services to businesses, professionals, and corporations.

My PLAN does not repeal the truism that "there is no free lunch." I'm fully aware that we the people, we the consumers, we the taxpayers, we the individuals pay for everything. Always have and always will! We pay for the 9 million Federal employees, the umpteen million State, County, and City Government employees, and umpteen million more who work for the banking, insurance, and brokerage industries. We pay for their big buildings, for Air Force One, etc, etc. When Ronald Reagan proposed doing away with Corporate Income Taxes because "Corporations don't pay taxes, people do," no truer words were spoken.

What my PLAN will accomplish are three things: (1.) Give individuals complete control over their INTACT paychecks. They choose how to spend their money and therefore choose what to pay transaction taxes on; (2.) Make the Federal government a true public servant, serving us in relevant ways by providing essential PERSONAL financial services; and (3.) Provide economies of scale, increased productivity and efficiency; e.g., eliminate 114,000 IRS employees; which will make us pay less for everything in effect.

I know that there is a great distrust in the Federal government doing anything more efficiently. I personally wouldn't trust them to chew gum and cross the street at the same time. However; providing PERSONAL financial services involves the few things that the Federal government can do reasonably well: database management, bookkeeping, and computer security. They already send out millions of social security checks, welfare checks, etc with few hitches.

My sweeping proposals for reform will allow workers to receive an INTACT paycheck, renters and the working homeless to become homeowners. It will provide two-parent families the option of having one parent stay home with the children. My twin goals of sustaining the environment and ending poverty is the one-two punch that can knock out Dianne Feinstein next November. Our job is to get the message out. It's a winning message. . If you want to enlist as a CAMAHORT COHORT; please let me know by e-mail, FAX (408) 249-1048, Voice (408) 249-0803, or snailmail at 457 South Monroe Street, San Josť, CA 95128-5144.

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