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Alameda County, CA March 7, 2000 Election
Directory of Alameda County, CA Measures
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Measure A Acquisition and Improvement of Land and Facilities -- Oakland Unified School District (Bond Measure)
69695 / 84.7% Yes votes
12562 / 15.2% No votes
To relieve overcrowding in Oakland's neighborhood schools and improve educational facilities for children, through projects such as constructing new schools; renovating classrooms and bathrooms; replacing electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems; upgrading science labs and libraries; restoring arts/music rooms; and replacing deteriorating portable classrooms; shall Oakland Unified School District issue $303,000,000 in bonds at authorized interest rates for acquisition and improvement of land and facilities, and appoint a citizens' oversight committee to guarantee funds are spent accordingly?

Measure B Disability Exemption -- Alameda County (Charter Amendment)
159131 / 56.0% Yes votes
124556 / 43.9% No votes
Shall the Charter of the County of Alameda be amended to provide that qualified persons with severe disabilities be exempted from civil service examination requirements for certain entry level positions in County service, with such persons acquiring regular civil service status after one year of satisfactory service?

Measure C Eliminate Mandatory Recruitment Period -- Alameda County (Charter Amendment)
128808 / 47.3% Yes votes
143033 / 52.6% No votes
Shall the Charter of the County of Alameda be amended to eliminate the requirement that all Civil Service examinations shall have a mandatory recruitment period of 25 days or more?

Measure D Addition of 3 Appointed Members to Oakland Board of Education -- City of Oakland (Charter Amendment)
41209 / 52.1% Yes votes
37816 / 47.8% No votes
Shall Section 404 (a) and (b) of the Charter of the City of Oakland be amended to add to the Board of Education three District School Directors who shall be appointed by the Mayor during the period of May 1, 2000 to May 1, 2004?

Measure E Endorsement of Mayor's Education Commission Recommendations -- City of Oakland (Advisory Measure)
55578 / 72.4% Yes votes
21165 / 27.5% No votes
Shall voters endorse the Mayor's Education Commission's call for Oakland achieving statewide test averages for elementary schools by 2002, and middle and high schools by 2004, by establishing a system of diverse and excellent public schools that: provides safe, modern facilities; requires each school to adopt a successful reading program; allows each school to select and remove its teachers and staff; sanctions and rewards schools based on performance; and initiates City/County collaborations to support education?

Measure F General Fund Reserve -- City of Piedmont
3109 / 72.6% Yes votes
1173 / 27.3% No votes
Shall Section 4.03 of the Piedmont City Charter be amended to increase the maximum amount of the "General Fund Reserve" to 25% as more fully set forth in Resolution 70-99 of the Piedmont City Council on file with the Piedmont City Clerk?

Measure G Municipal Services Tax -- City of Piedmont
2983 / 70.6% Yes votes
1239 / 29.3% No votes
Shall Charter 20B of the Piedmont City Code be amended in its entirety to provide for a 4-year Municipal Services Tax as more specifically set forth in Ord. 609 N.S. which is on file with the Piedmont City Clerk?

Measure H Municipal Sewer Tax -- City of Piedmont
3241 / 74.6% Yes votes
1101 / 25.3% No votes
Shall Chapter 20E be added to the Piedmont City Code providing for a new Special Municipal Sewer Tax, replacing the existing sewer service charge, as more specifically set forth in Ord. 610 N.S. which is on file with the Piedmont City Clerk?

Measure I Open Space Bonds -- City of Pleasanton
12265 / 64.0% Yes votes
6890 / 35.9% No votes
Shall Pleasanton (1) purchase approximately 430 acres of the 500 acre San Francisco Bernal Avenue Property for community facilities, open space and other public uses ("public uses") by (a) issuing General Obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $50,000,000; (b) approving residential development on 35 + acres and commercial/retail development on 37 + acres to the extent necessary to raise the balance of the purchase price; and (2) require voter approval of the City of Pleasanton's plan for future "public uses"?

Measure J Wastewater Treatment -- City of Pleasanton (Advisory Measure)
5206 / 27.6% Yes votes
13611 / 72.3% No votes
Should wastewater from treated sewage that has been further treated with reverse osmosis (RO) technology be injected into the Valley's groundwater basin that serves as the potable (drinking) water supply for Pleasanton and the Livermore Amador Valley?

Measure K South Livermore Urban Growth Boundary Initiative -- City of Livermore
15107 / 82.0% Yes votes
3299 / 17.9% No votes
Shall the South Livermore Urban Growth Boundary Initiative be adopted to require voter approval of changes to the location of and policies governing the Urban Growth Boundary in the South Livermore area?

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